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Wendi Toys was founded in 2009. Our headquarters is located in Cesis, a small town with over 800 years of history. In the 13th century the town was founded under the name "Wenden" and the first inhabitants called themselves "Wends". We took pride in the history of our city in our company name - Wendi Toys!


Wendi Toys is a manufacturer of playground and playhouses for home use. The playgrounds are only suitable for outdoor use. Our products offer various activities for children - swing, sandbox, play tower, slide and climbing wall, playhouse, sandpit, playtable.


Our goal is to produce a safe and high quality product, which is also easy to transport and easy to set up. To achieve this goal, we have gone through the idea and development paths that no other has previously chosen. That is why we can certainly claim with our slogan that our playgrounds are "a different kind of playground".


Why Wendi Toys?


Everyone knows that children's playgrounds should be SAFE, ECOLOGICAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - we add ... EASY!


Logistics is easy for Wendi Toys products - the compact packaging allows our playgrounds to be easily transported and stored.


The assembly of Wendi Toys playgrounds is easy and safe!


Every customer can carry out the assembly with the aid of the illustrated assembly instructions without much manual skill!


Ecologically and safely.


Wendi Toys playgrounds meet all environmental requirements.


Wooden parts are certified. Water-based paints are used for the paints. Wood connections are made of glued Nordic spruce, these correspond to the strength class GL24, certified according to DIN EN14080.


The entire playground equipment is developed, produced and tested according to European standard EN-71 (safety for toys) for private use.


Unique - Wendi Toys even offers the individual design and motives for your personal playground!