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Modular Playhouses


We have created playhouses to keep your kids active even when it is raining or snowing outside.

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By using the principles – simplicity, personality, safety, we make playhouses to serve as a child’s own area to play and

enjoy in a safe, ecological and long-lasting product.



Product range:

Playhouses 2020




Playhouses & Extensions

Themed Playhouses


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We offer Classic un Junior  Series playground sets.


Junior  Series - the playground of functionality.

Wendi Toys are proud to present the Junior series of home playgrounds intended for younger children. Junior has 2 basic modules - “Activity Tower“ and “Play Tower”. These modules offer the same activities while varying only in the design of their platforms - “Play tower” platform`s height is 120 cm but the deck of the “Activity Tower” has 2 levels - 120 cm & 90 cm. The 2 level platform allows younger children to explore the playground and enjoy all of its activities. Both Towers can be upgraded with an attractive range of attachments - Swingarms, Sandpits and a Picnic Bench. Junior series packages, each weighing less than 30 kg, are perfect for direct deliveries to the customer.

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Classic series - the playground of design.  

Classic Playground series has been designed as separate modules which can be attached to the basic module - Tower. The customer can create their own playground, by selecting the modules which fulfil their children’s needs. Alternatively the playground can be expanded as a family grows. Everything necessary for the complete playground is included in the kit. All wooden parts are impregnated with “Osmose Naturewood” liquid. Roof panels and side boards are painted with a water-based paint to get a safe and long lasting product. 

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Possible combinations of the Classic Junior  Series you can look here:

 Classic Combinations 2018 ONLYJunior Combination Short 2018


Junior Series

Classic Series

Swing Sets

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Swing Sets


Various types of single or double swings for active and healthy activities. There is also a swing set with a platform, a climbing wall and a net, as well as a slide.

Junior Swing Sets

Classic Swing Sets


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Sand and Water Playtables


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Sandpit with Benches and Lid