Wendi Toys® was founded in 2009. Our headquarters is located in Cesis, a small town with over 800 years of history. In the 13th century the town was founded under the name “Wenden” and the first inhabitants called themselves “Wends”. We took pride in the history of our city in our company name – Wendi Toys!

Wendi Toys® is a manufacturer of children play equipment for home use. The playsets are only suitable for outdoor use. We offer various products for children – swings, sandpits, playtowers and playhouses with the slides and climbing walls, playtables.

Why Wendi Toys? 

Everyone knows that children’s playgrounds should be SAFE, ECOLOGICAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – we add … EASY! Logistics is easy for Wendi Toys products – the compact packaging allows our playgrounds to be easily transported and stored. The assembly of Wendi Toys playgrounds is easy and safe! Every customer can carry out the assembly with the aid of the illustrated assembly instructions without much manual skill!


Our playsets are designed and certified according to the European Standard EN-71 ”Safety of Toys” for outdoor playground equipment for domestic use. Each system is checked and tested before release from the factory to ensure that it meets our high standards.


Wendi Toys® products can be easily assembled by the customer at home, without the need for special tools. The playground comes supplied in a flat-pack format, similar to a familiar Swedish furniture store’s concept. Our step-by-step installation and maintenance instructions are multi language, detailed and easy to follow.


Quality is also about attention to detail. We select only the best timber , machined according to our standards. The parts feature a smooth finish and rounded edges. With our products include fixings made from galvanised or stainless steel together with heavy-duty accessories.

Wendi Toys® uses Nordic Pine or Spruce grown in Latvia. We select this Nordic wood because it is denser and more durable than some alternative timbers due to it`s slower growth. Our playsets are covered by a 5-year guarantee against wood rot causing failure for added peace of mind.


All Wendi Toys® products are made of material from well-managed, certified forests and other controlled sources. The wood used in our products is not only a beautiful, high quality material but it is also felled from a sustainable source therefore ensuring the social, economic and ecological needs of future generations. All components are recyclable. CO2 emissions are reduced through decreased transportation requirements.