07 | 04 | 2016

Modular playhouses


Modular playhouses. We are probably the first to be able to produce them and we are happy to offer them to you!

Modular houses are made up of separate modules, from which, by combining with each other, it is possible to create houses of different appearance and functionality. Thanks to the compact size of the panels, we pack them in boxes that are very easy to transport with almost any car. The house will not be too big for a surprise birthday, or even Santa’s sleigh!

Some of the houses can be additionally equipped with a platform and a slide for more fun and active activities in the fresh air. Several playhouses are designed as themed cottages (shop, cafe, etc.), which will allow children to discover new ways of playing. Maybe you – mom or dad, will be offered to drink juice or buy something in the child’s new store. We will be happy about that too!