09 | 04 | 2019

Junior Series

Junior Series: the playground of functionality.

Wendi Toys are proud to present the Junior series of home playgrounds intended for jounger children.

Junior has 2 basic modules – “Activity Tower“ and “Play Tower”. These modules offer the same activities while varying only in the design of their platforms – “Play tower” platform`s height is 120 cm but the deck of the “Activity Tower” has 2 levels – 120 cm & 90 cm. The 2 level platform allows younger children to explore the playground and enjoy all of its activities. Both Towers can be upgraded with an attractive  range of attachments – Swingarms, Sandpits and a Picnic Bench. Junior series packages, each weighing less than 30 kg, are perfect for direct deliveries to the customer.

View the full range of Junior products here.