2-year warranty applies to all Wendi Toys products provided that they are assembled and used according to the instructions and that the indicated children’s age and the maximum permitted weight are strictly observed. If these requirements are not met, the warranty is denied.

  • The warranty shall be valid only if the product is used in family home conditions. The product is not intended for public use.
  • Only the usage of “Wendy Toys” original accessories and additions is permitted. If unoriginal parts are used, the warranty is invalid.
  • Wendy Toys reserves the right to deny the warranty if damages have resulted from inappropriate usage, vandalism, weather conditions or if caused by a third party’s fault.

To apply for the warranty, please show purchase documents and the product number indicated on the packaging and on the back page of instructions book.

Please submit the warranty application to the seller or send us by e-mail: [email protected]